Program Overview

Join the next level of our Cybersecurity Externship series to see how you stack with your team on real world Cyber scenarios presented by industry experts. This Externship is designed for students who have at least one year of Cyber knowledge. With an intermediate level of Cyber experience you will jump straight into role based scenarios reflecting major hacks seen by some of the largest public and private institutions in the world. Through these five days you will be put to task with your investigative unit working through critical “zero day” hacks which are presented to you live by companies who want to see you and your team work through these Cyber crisis scenarios in real time. You will be tasked with responding to real-world cyber attack scenarios, in a fusion team environment based on a security operation center. Through this evolution we have built in SEL and Technical skills assessments which will help you better understand how “Industry ready” you are and what areas will help you thrive on a real Cyber team.
⦁ In your assigned role work with your Cyber team to effectively mitigate diverse crisis scenarios in which your actions and decision making is up against the clock with real consequences as a result.
⦁ Assess your technical and soft skills to see what your upward trajectory is in the new Cyber frontier and better understand what careers in Cyber best suit your talents and purpose.
⦁ Practice Whitehat hacking and pentesting skills inside a virtual environment as a part of a cyber investigation unit.
⦁ Network with elite cyber professionals from Chief Information Security Officers from Fortune 100 companies to Senior Vulnerability Analysts who can help prepare for a career in Cyber who can help prepare for a career in Cyber and help you get the in demand skills companies are seeking.

Industry Contributors Include:

Cybersecurity Scenario Project

Cybersecurity Team Challenges:

At your morning Cyber briefing you will be introduced to your new company, your role and the Cyber situation you will be tasked with investigating and defending.
Take on a new challenge each day with your team under the guidance of professionals from that company who are holding you and your team accountable to identify the hacker, their intentions, and work quickly and collaboratively to stop the hack. At the end of each day you will present your thought process, security solution and daily evolution to our industry professionals in a real debrief to seek their approval.

  • Day 1 - A Malware Infection
  • Day 2 - The Unplanned Attack
  • Day 3 - The Cloud Compromise
  • Day 4 - The Financial Break In
  • Day 5 - The Flood Zone

Cybersecurity Pathways

One of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. is cybersecurity. According to multiple media outlets, a projected 3.5 million vacancies are expected in 2021, which is 350 percent growth since 2013. Opportunities within the field of cybersecurity are endless. All the industry needs is skilled talent. To meet the ever-evolving demands, companies are hiring students to fill these vacancies as more cybersecurity threats are recognized every day. Providing cybersecurity pathways at an earlier age is imperative for the industry, as it will enable you to achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Pre-Externship Parent Webinar

Parents are invited to attend scheduled webinars to learn about how to help their child succeed during the externship as well as prepare for long-term success in the cybersecurity industry. We provide all the tools needed to help parents play a role in their child’s success, including:

  • Reviewing the parent handbook to get questions answered
  • Discussing how to support students during and after class
  • Providing expert insight about the cybersecurity industry
Online Course Requirements

Online Course Requirements

  • Any compatible computer
  • Webcam
  • Stable internet connection

Your Tuition Includes

  • Industry professional guest speakers and workshops
  • Five days of work based learning challenges with industry
  • Parent Pre-Externship Introductory Webinar
  • Digital badges and certificate of completion
  • Service and support from Experience before, during and after the program
  • Exposure to networking and internship opportunities
  • Personalized Social Emotional Learning and Technical Skills assessment by industry and our team

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