4 days

Program Overview

Journey back in American history to colonial times in Boston. Discover what life was like aboard the Mayflower and how farming worked on the Plimoth Plantation. Explore the Freedom Trail and then join iconic reenactments, such as throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. See where the first shots were fired and began the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord. Climb into the history of storied sailing vessels, including “Old Ironsides,” who led the way for the United States to gain respect from the British at sea. Consider a future at Harvard, taking a tour of the campus with a current student of the university.


Destination Highlights

Boston is the place where the English colonists set up an encampment and stayed for so long a whole new government was formed, now known as the United States of America. We invite students to explore historical landmarks, from life in Boston in the 1600s to the present day. Students tour the oldest school of higher education in the U.S., Harvard, which also has the largest academic library in the world. As a National Historical Landmark itself, Quincy Market offers students the perfect place to have dinner in Boston.

Experience Boston from a pilgrim’s point of view at Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower. The 17th-century English village depicts the farming and maritime community of the time. There’s also a Native American encampment, where indigenous interpreters represent the way of life of the Wampanoag Tribe. Museum guides and maritime artisans share stories about what conditions were like for passengers and crew on the Mayflower.

With an 18th-century costumed guide, students tour the historic sites on the Freedom Trail. One of these sites is the Old South Meeting House, where Samuel Adams inspired the Sons of Liberty to reject the British tax on tea. While visiting the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, join in a reenactment of the iconic moment when the colonists dumped 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor, which would be worth almost a million dollars today. Located on the Freedom Trail, Bunker Hill Museum commemorates the patriotic spirit with stories of the battle and the history of Charlestown. At Boston Common, students learn more about how the oldest public park in the U.S. was instrumental during the American Revolution.

See where the American Revolution officially began in the battles of Lexington and Concord. Go to the site of “the shot heard ‘round the world” at the Minute Man National Historical Park, sparking the war for independence. Watch textbooks come to life on a tour to see Lexington Green, Concord Bridge, Louisa May Alcott House, Old Manse House and the Ralph Waldo Emerson House. Experience the sailor’s life aboard the USS Constitution through objects, stories and an interactive tour of the museum. During the Battle of 1812 with the British, the ship received the nickname “Old Ironsides,” when a round shot at the ship appeared to bounce off the 22-inch-thick hull.

Daily Itinerary

Learning Outcomes

Follow the historical timeline of American history in Boston, from the 17th-century to present day. Learn from the Native Peoples at a recreated camp and listen to the stories of English colonists. Explore museums, parks and landmarks to connect to the history of the American Revolution.

Services Included


Quality, safe hotels with quad occupancy corresponding to the destination.

Overnight Security

A night chaperone is on site to ensure security.

Ground Transportation

All transportation is provided throughout the program.


Two meals are provided daily, breakfast and dinner, featuring local cuisine.


Interactive learning experiences designed to expand educational and career goals.

Curated Experiences

Customized experiences developed by travel experts to promote learning and engagement.

Tours and Activities

Scheduled activities, experiences and guided tours are all included.

Full-Time Tour Directors

Full-time Tour Directors are on site for the duration of the trip, for an all-inclusive experience.


Tips for bus drivers, guides, Tour Directors and meals.

Interactive Technology

Advanced student security software that integrates geofencing, logistics, communication and more optimized safety features.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 staff availability, supporting students every step of the way.

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