Benefits of Student Travel

Student travel and experiential learning is an essential component of education. Seeing the world through the lens of an educational tour promotes long-term benefits for emotional, social and cognitive well-being.

Enhance Classroom Experiences

Educational tours increase student success in school before, during and long after the trip is over. A new and immersive learning environment gives students an even deeper understanding of their subject matter, expanding educational and future career goals. By integrating travel into lesson plans and applying the experience in everyday life, students gain the confidence to dream big.

Independence and Self-Awareness

For students without prior travel experience or even for those with experience who are traveling to a destination for the first time, being away from home can help ease them out of their comfort zones enough to make way for truly transformative experiences. Educational travel in particular provides a unique setting where students can gain a new sense of freedom and independence with the support of their teachers and classmates. This independence can accompany a new sense of self, and for many middle school and high school students, become the catalyst for their own personal growth.

Cultural Learning and Compassion

Travel gives students opportunities to practice compassion and empathy through interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. According to research by the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), 79% of educators organize trips for their students to increase cultural awareness. Promoting civic engagement through service-learning opportunities, gets students involved in programs that support the local community. Whether through food, sightseeing or participating in events and traditions, experiencing other ways of living develops a more expansive worldview.

Collaborative Social Skills

Student travel builds a sense of community as students connect with their classmates and develop friendships in a new setting. Group-oriented tours and activities, from scavenger hunts to collaborative projects, encourage students to practice teamwork and communication. Establishing foundational social skills is essential, enhancing personal and professional potential in a way that remains paramount in our increasingly tech-focused society.

Problem-Solving and Adaptability

Exploring a destination for the first time and immersing in local culture empowers students to engage their minds in a whole new way. Educational tours teach students how to adapt to new environments, cultures, languages and more. Critical thinking skills come into play on a daily basis, integrating textbook understanding with real-world lessons. Travel and experiential learning creates avenues for students to learn adaptation and problem-solving strategies that boost their potential for the rest of their lives.

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