Advance Pathways Through Work Based Learning

Accelerate Student Engagement and Outcomes with Industry at the Table.

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High Impact, Low Burden

Accessibility and Equitability

Equitable access allowing underrepresented students to gain work experience and networking opportunities.

Ease of Implementation and Fast Turn Around

Making it simple for districts to get involved with a zero burden, maximum impact approach.

Cohort Based, Live and Engaging

Class wide participation in real life scenarios for SEL skills development and assessment.

How our Externships Support your Goals

Future Proof your Students

Arm students with the knowledge and skills they need to take advantage of the high paying, in demand and emerging careers.

Increase Student Outcomes

Expose students to real world learning to increase motivation to continue on the pathway and develop the workforce ready soft skills needed by employers.

Parent Engagement and Teacher Support

Gain the advantage of increased parent support and understanding through our built in parent information sessions and supplemental teacher sessions & materials.

Edu-Tainment Delivery

Proven to connect with your students while creating a fun atmosphere, we build programming customized to fit your school’s schedule.

Globally Competitive

Set your students apart with resume and portfolio building opportunities to earn skill based digital badges and recommendation letters.

Assessment to Increase Career Mobility for Students

Our live SEL and skills assessment provides industry real insight into your students aptitude and increases student hires from your district.

Cybersecurity Scenario Project

Student Success Backed By Real Data

  • 100% have a better understanding of how to reach their career goals.
  • 88% will pursue a Cybersecurity career in the future.
  • 90% helped them network with employers.
  • 92% learned in a fun and engaging way.

"I just want to say thank you, you guys are doing a really great job and the people you bring in are amazing. The information you’re giving is really good and the challenges are amazing too. Know that you made a difference in my life, thank you."

Ivan A, Anaheim School District, CA Student


Our work based learning externships meet the requirements of several pools of funding ranging from covid relief and CTE funds at the district or school level.

Possible Funding Options


CTE Funds at the district or school level


Federal and State funding


Promoting to families in the community

Everything you get in a 100 student program!

20 hour high impact programming ($39,900 value)

Custom program development & marketing ($20,000 value)

2 virtual parent information sessions ($950 value)

Increased employer connections in your local community via our industry networking ($5,250 value)

Free access to our WBL app for Schools & Students

Saving students at least 1 year of College ($157,762 value)!

Total Value $228,512

Your Cost $19,990