Program Overview

The Danish Spring Break program in New York City introduces students to some of the iconic landmarks of the U.S., the lasting history, arts, culture and international connections. People come to New York City from all over the world in pursuit of the American dream. The vast wealth generated by Wall Street and other industries makes anything look possible in this city. However, the major divide between rich and poor is often overlooked. We invite students to experience all of this dynamic city, from the phenomenal sightseeing opportunities to the lives of everyday citizens.

On Liberty Island and Ellis Island, observe how the great waves of immigration forged New York City into a multicultural metropolis. Engage in the New York City communities through service learning, connecting with the population that’s living in poverty. Create memories that last a lifetime, watching a brilliant Broadway performance and viewing the city from the top of the Empire State Building. Explore natural history, back to the time of the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History. At the United Nations Visitor Centre, see the meeting place for peacekeepers from around the world and learn where each country stands when it comes to human development and equality.


Destination Highlights

One of the world’s greatest destinations, New York City, is a place where amazing things can happen at any hour of the day. From the Empire State Building, students look out over a cityscape that regularly appears in film and TV. On another day, stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the first suspension bridges in the U.S., linking Manhattan and Brooklyn. In Midtown Manhattan, the Grand Central Terminal is an iconic landmark as well as an architectural achievement that has shaped the culture and transportation of New Yorkers since 1913. A masterpiece of its own, the 840-acre Central Park was designed over 150 years ago to give the illusion of limitless landscape in the middle of Manhattan.

New York City has a diverse culture, from the richest to the poorest social classes, along with global connections and the expanse of natural history. Experience the heights of commerce in a marketing tour at Macy’s world-famous Herald Square location. During service learning activities, students get to see the other side of the city, interacting with the everyday challenges faced by both immigrant and native-born residents. On a guided tour of the United Nations Visitor Centre, consider the common theme of global peacekeeping that runs throughout, from the general assembly to the artworks donated from all over the world. Learn more from the UN Speaker Series: Immigration Lecture. At the American Museum of Natural History, explore the collected information on human cultures, the natural world and the universe. See the fossilized skeleton of a T.rex in the museum’s dinosaur exhibit and learn how the tyrannosaur became the most fearsome carnivore of its time.

The history of New York City is eclectic, including theater, government beginnings, tragic memorials and hopeful outlooks. Watch the pure artistry of a Broadway performance, where only the most talented performers grace the stage. While exploring Lower Manhattan, take note of Federal Hall, where the first president of the U.S., George Washington, took the oath of office in 1789. Federal Hall is the birthplace of the U.S. government, as the home of the first Congress, Supreme Court and the Executive Branch. Visit the National 9/11 Memorial, built on the site where the twin towers fell in 2001. For a view above it all, students go all the way to the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere to explore the One World Observatory.

Daily Itinerary

Note: Activities are subject to change based on availability.

Learning Outcomes

On the Danish Spring Break program in New York City, students explore history from the time of the dinosaurs to the collaborative work that the United Nations hopes for the future. See what has shaped U.S. history on tours to landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Lower Manhattan. Consider the city in the context of equality during service learning with Meals on Wheels. Tour the United Nations Visitor Centre, check out how the countries compare through human development data and attend the UN Speaker Series: Immigration Lecture. Connect with the timeline of the universe, the earth and humanity at the American Museum of Natural History. On this unparalleled New York City learning journey, students are encouraged to draw new insights, ask challenging questions and continue these lessons at home, creating opportunities for further discovery.

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