Program Overview

The New York City Catholic Heritage program is designed to introduce students to the nation’s origins through the stories of immigrants and Catholic landmarks. On Liberty Island and Ellis Island, experience the spaces that stand as testament to the great waves of immigration that forged New York City as a multicultural metropolis. Engage in the New York City communities through service learning with City Meals and Immigration NGO. Create memories that last a lifetime, watching a brilliant Broadway performance and viewing the city from the top of the Empire State Building. On this unparalleled New York City learning journey, students are encouraged to draw new insights, ask challenging questions and continue these lessons at home, creating opportunities for stewardship and further discovery.


Destination Highlights

Learn the Catholic heritage of New York City, while practicing leadership through service learning, engaging students holistically in the educational journey. In service learning activities with City Meals and Immigration NGO, students express generosity by caring for the local communities in need. During service learning activities, students get to see the other side of the city, interacting with the everyday challenges faced by both immigrant and native-born residents.

Experience the Catholic and immigrant heritage of New York City. Celebrate mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a historical landmark of Catholicism in New York City with foundations laid as early as 1858. Gain a deeper understanding of immigration in the U.S. at the nearby Tenement Museum, through the stories of generations of immigrants in the Lower East Side neighborhood. While at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, discover more stories from the 12-million immigrants who came to the U.S. through Ellis Island and account for nearly half of the nation’s population today. Through a customized lecture, students learn how immigrants from different nations and eras came to New York City to build a new life.

New York City leads the way in culture, art and so much more, as students experience through the many landmarks and neighborhoods known around the world, including on a tour of Wall Street. Take note of Federal Hall, where the first U.S. president took the oath of office. Visit the National 9/11 Memorial, built on the site where the twin towers fell in 2001. For another view above it all, students explore the One World Observatory. While here, make time to take in the pure artistry of a Broadway show. Cruise over to the Statue of Liberty to see the symbol of American freedoms. Stepping into the main oasis of nature in New York City, Central Park, students get a little exploration time before heading home.

Daily Itinerary

Note: Activities are subject to change based on availability.

Learning Outcomes

In this New York City Catholic Heritage program, engage in service learning activities, learn about immigration in the U.S. in a lecture and tour noteworthy landmarks. See what has shaped U.S. history on tours to the Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and more. Service learning with City Meals and Immigration NGO teaches students civic engagement and stewardship. Document the city’s historical and contemporary immigrant groups by creating short videos, and then share these experiences with friends and family after returning home.

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