Program Overview

From Gotham City, Experience Comics Vol. 2 introduces students to the ongoing adventure of comic book illustration and storytelling. Go beyond basic drawing skills and get into the techniques of illustrating for this thrilling form of creativity. Discover more secrets of narrative art, expanding on personal styles and setting stories into comic panels. Learn digital production tools and programs used by top artists to make their comic books a reality. Reveal untold tales of stories that are already known and loved in a story adaptation class. Dive into the genres of storytelling, exploring mystery, horror, sci-fi and more. During free time between classes, students are encouraged to develop their own story ideas and find their niche in this fantastic creative industry.

See why New York City inspired so many comic artists and visionaries through sightseeing, local tours and a museum workshop. On a guided sightseeing tour, consider why this city received the nickname of Gotham City. Climb to the top of the Empire State Building to view the dazzling lights of the city that never sleeps. Get a behind-the-scenes look into the prestigious collection of illustrations and comic art on a guided tour of the Museum of Illustration. While at the museum, apply the previous days of comic book lessons to a workshop taught by professional artists who are part of the Society of Illustrators. Before the adventure comes to an end, spend time at Midtown Comics to see comic book dreams that have become a reality.

Daily Itinerary

Note: Activities are subject to change based on availability.

Learning Outcomes

The five-day Experience Comics Vol. 2 program engages students in an intermediate-level education on comic book creation. In-depth comic book classes cover intermediate drawing, narrative art, digital production and story adaptation. Applying what they learned in the classes, students participate in a workshop with professional illustrators and comic book artists at the Museum of Illustration. On a guided tour of the museum, celebrate the artworks of creative visionaries. With a curated curriculum for educators to apply with the program, students are empowered to put their learning into practice before, during and after the trip.

We take care of everything

At Experience, we make sure everything is covered – from housing to technology and beyond – to provide the best experience for our students.


Quality, safe hotels with quad occupancy corresponding to the destination.


All transportation is provided throughout the program.

Round-Trip Flights

Airfare covers round-trip flights from major airports.


Two meals are provided daily, breakfast and dinner, featuring local cuisine.


Interactive learning experiences designed to expand educational and career goals.

Tours and Activities

Scheduled activities, experiences and guided tours are all included.

Curated Experiences

Customized experiences developed by travel experts to promote learning and engagement.

Full-Time Tour Director

Full-time Tour Directors are on site for the duration of the trip, for an all-inclusive experience.


Tips for bus drivers, guides, Tour Directors and meals.

Interactive Technology

Advanced student security software that integrates geofencing, logistics, communication and more optimized safety features.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 staff availability, supporting students every step of the way.

Overnight Security

A night chaperone is on site to ensure security.

What’s My Investment

Tuition Cost

5 Days

Per Student

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Coordinator of College, Career, and Military Readiness
STEM, Early Childhood, CTE, Counseling, & Digital Age Learning
Education Service Center, Region 20
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