Fundraising for Student Travel

Found the perfect trip, but don’t know how to get there?
Take the leap! Spread the news! Get support and go!

Keys to Fundraising

1. Start Early

As soon as the trip date is set, start fundraising. The more people who know about it, the more who will sign up, and the more who will share and make the whole thing possible. Get everyone excited!

2. Who is the Audience?

Friends, family and community organizations. What does this audience have to donate? Money, time or resources? All are valuable! Example Resource: fundraising event space.

3. Set Clear and Realistic Goals

Important Questions to Consider:

  • How much funding is needed for 10 students, 20 students or more?
  • What percentage of funding needs to be met by when?
  • What resources are available from family, friends and community organizations?
4. Spread the Word
  • Start by crafting a message that communicates why this cause is important.
  • Use this message to ask for support, putting together flyers, writing emails, sharing on social media and etc.
  • Announce when milestones are met, so supporters can celebrate too!
5. Track Progress
  • Ask: Crowdfunding is a great way to manage the flow of funds online, setting up a fundraising campaign and tracking its progress.
  • Collect: Set up an account where the donations go, such as PayPal or Venmo. Use this account for everything that’s raised, whether its goods, services, event donations or crowdfunding.
  • Manage: Accounting software like QuickBooks or simple programs like Microsoft Excel are useful tools for keeping donations organized.
  • Milestones: Don’t forget to share the good news when milestones are met! Not only does this make donors happy, it is another opportunity to spread the word and ask for more support.
6. Celebrate Success!
  • Thank Donors: Share milestones and cheer on supporters for making each success possible. Personalize thank yours with handwritten cards or emails. Say thank you on social media and in group emails, sharing the fundraising mission, encouraging more people to donate so the next goal can be met.
  • Throw a Party for Donors: If resources allow, throwing a Thank You Party is the perfect opportunity to reach those stretch-goals, accepting last-minute donations from guests.
  • Be creative and have fun!

Educational Benefits of Fundraising

Give students ways to participate, so they can learn collaboration and other real-world skills.
  • Strategy and Planning: Encourage students to come up with strategies and get involved in the planning process. Share ideas and problem solve together, to discover innovative ways to use the resources available and meet goals as a team.
  • Communication and Creativity: Empower students to make bold choices in spreading the word and asking for support from the community. Whether through designing posters or well-written emails, there are so many opportunities to express creativity and communicate persuasively.
  • Marketing and Event Planning: Raise money as a team or individually, by selling unique products, services and planning events.
  • Management and Accounting: Invite students to develop management and accounting skills by keeping track of funds through crowdfunding pages, accounting software or programs like Excel for data entry.

Want some suggestions?


Raise money with the generosity of a large number of donors, individually contributing via the internet. Tips
  • Clearly explain fundraising goals.
  • Share informative details about the educational tour.
  • Encourage donors to share the crowdfunding page with family and friends across social media networks and over email.

Products and Services

Fundraising is an excellent opportunity for students to share their amazing talents! Tips
  • Research and get to know the audience, before deciding what to sell.
  • Ask for help and work together, pooling resources for better results.
  • Be inspired by the travel program and come up with creative ways to express this excitement!
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Scrap Metal
  • Shoes and Clothing
  • Used Book Sale
  • Photos, Artwork, Crafts – Think Etsy
  • Community Rummage Sale
  • Dine-out (Restaurant Fundraisers)
  • Spare Change Drive
  • Raffle

Our educational journeys are practically gift wrapped and fundraising is the perfect way to give that gift to students.

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