Homestay Host Agreement Contract

Homestay Host Agreement


The purpose of this agreement is to fully inform hosts of their rights and responsibilities as an Experience America Host “EA” throughout the hosting engagement, hosts are urged to call their EA Homestay Manager with any questions that arise. The signature on the bottom of the form indicates that we understand the contents of this agreement. A copy of this agreement should be kept for your records.

I\We agree to host an Experience America Student. I\We agree to participate in all aspects of EA’s comprehensive Host Certification Process. This process will include an in-home interview with an EA representative and successful completion of our training program. We understand that all members of the household 18 and older must completion a National Criminal Background Check which must be renewed every 3 years. I\We agree that EA does not guarantee placement of students in our home.


As EA Hosts, I\we have a right to:

  1. Expect the EA Student to be a full family member in as much as it is possible. 
  2. Expect the EA Student to abide by the Student Responsibilities Policy.
  3. Be assigned an EA Homestay Manager who will be in contact with us and with our Student.
  4. Contact the EA Homestay Manager for help with student adjustment issues.
  5. Have access to EA Staff through a 24-hour emergency number.


As EA hosts, I\we agree to abide by the Host Responsibilities Policy which is available on the EA Website and provided as part of this agreement.


As EA hosts, we understand that:

  1. The host will be reimbursed monthly, from EA directly, for homestay services contracted and paid for by the individual student. Specific services and pricing will be provided to us when a student is matched and must be confirmed by us before placement is confirmed. Host payments are made in conjunction with the Host Expense Payment Policy, which is available on the EA Website as well as provided as part of this agreement.
  2. Hosts are responsible for the costs of a criminal background check for every resident living in the home over 18 years of age. Costs of this check will be deducted from the first placement of an EA student.
  3. EA staff, after giving at adequate notice, reserves the right to conduct regular inspections of the host’s home to ensure that standards remain high and meet EA requirements for host environments.
  4. The host may be asked to assist EA to remind the student to pay if our student’s fees are overdue.
  5. The host may be asked to assist EA with any other request regarding the welfare of the student.
  6. Hosts are not the legal guardians of the EA participant and must work through EA to obtain the signature of the natural parents or guardians in the event that this is necessary.
  7. EA will assist the host and student in having a successful hosting Experience. EA retains the right to move the student to another family if this is in his or her best interests and/or the best interests of the family.
  8. Hosts are not authorized to act as agents for EA for any purpose.
  9. Hosts agree that EA will provide their contact details to agents, students and other hosts once a placement is confirmed. The host agrees to keep Student’s personal information confidential and private.

In signing this agreement I\we confirm that all information and statements given in the EA Host Application Forms, the Criminal Background Checks and any additional supplemental information provided to EA is completely accurate and true to the best of our knowledge.

Host shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Experience America and its officers, officials, employees, and/or volunteers from and against any and all liability, claims, damage, cost, Expenses, awards, fines, judgments, and attorney fees (including, without limitation, costs, attorney fees, Expert witness fees, and other Expenses of litigation) of every nature arising out of or in connection with Host’s performance of its obligations hereunder, or its failure to comply with any of its obligations contained in this agreement, except such loss or damage which was caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of Experience America.


Host Responsibilities Policy


EA hosts are expected to:

Build relationships and support mechanisms for their students

  • Develop positive relationships with students based on mutual trust and communication.
  • Be aware of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledge the uniqueness of each student.
  • Support and assist students to live comfortably within a foreign environment.
  • Respect the students’ right to privacy, understanding that privacy does not mean isolation.
  • Respect and accommodate appropriately the culture, customs, language and beliefs of their student, and acknowledge their significance within the household.
  • Assist, support and nurture where needed or requested.
  • Provide all meals as detailed in the specific placement agreement with the student.
  • Assist the student being shown around the community.
  • Help with the basics of understanding Canadian culture.
  • Help the student learn the basics such as buying bus tickets, where the local shops are, how to access banking, internet, mobile phone and personal safety tips.
  • Help with English and ' America ' words and phrases.
  • Offer help, guidance, support, and encouragement regarding all facets of an international student adapting to life in America (this may require patience and empathy and a willingness to show the student more than once).
  • Offer sincere interest in the cultural background of the student.


Provide a Duty of Care towards the student

  • Provide the student with a secure, private, clean and (warm in winter/ cool in summer) bedroom, individual bed, desk, wardrobe, good healthy food, laundry facilities and a supportive environment.
  • Ensure that the room offered to students is a designated room within the family living environment, is accessible by an internal staircase (if above ground level) and fully complies with the local building code.
  • Your student must be able to gain internal access to the home at all times. At no time will it be acceptable that your student is left outside your home unable to gain internal access. A key is to be provided to the student for your home or an alternative access method (ie a code access via security system).
  • Bedroom and bathroom must be lockable and the student’s privacy respected.
  • Ensure that students do not share a room with other students or a member of the host’s family unless specifically requested by EA.


Provide orientation and familiarization

  • Provide an orientation within the family home (e.g. provide advice and safety instructions on the use of any pool area, household facilities and security).
  • Be available at home when the student first arrives or arrange with a friend or family member to be at the home.


Assist the student with the following:

  • Opening of bank accounts and internet banking.
  • Phone and internet accounts (where the student is purchasing their own).
  • Familiarization with travel and public transport routes to and from the student’s place of study.
  • Familiarization with travel and public transport routes to and from areas of interest such as shopping centers, post office, leisure centers, city Etc.


EA Liaison Activities

  • Maintain frequent and regular contact with the EA Team through the use of the website communications or phone/email and ensuring all communications are responded to and/or compleated within the agreed time.
  • Speak with the Host Manager regarding any concerns or difficulties with your Student.
  • Notify the supervisor as soon as they become aware of any change of circumstances in the household that could impact negatively on the student.
  • Be familiar with EA emergency response procedures in the event of an emergency relating to the student or a natural or regional disaster event.


Considerations for Short–Term Homestays (2-4 Weeks)


Our short-term Experience America homestay students need a slightly different level of care and attention from their Hosts. These are students who are all coming from one high school, college or educational organization to experience Canadian culture and participate in a study program designed by Experience America. Often these students visit with an administrator or teacher from their school that has certain expectations about how they should conduct themselves during their visit to The United States. The EA team will provide you with the specific requirements for Each group of students prior to their arrival and will ensure you have all your questions answered in regards to those requirements.


Short-Term Expectations

Students under 18 years of age

Experience America or the visiting schools representative will operate as the each students, Parent and Legal Guardian in the case where our short-term students are under 18 years of age.

Arrival and Departure Pick up/Drop Off

each set of short-term students you receive will expect a pick up and drop off on their arrival and departure day, at a location specified by EA.

Staying Out Late

If your student is going out please ask them where they are going and approximately what time they will be home. If your student is returning home late in the evening remind them to take a taxi, bus, or other public transportation option, rather than walk.

Overnight Stays

If your student wants to stay out overnight, they must get Experience America’s approval. If they are permitted to stay out, your student must tell you where they will be staying and leave a contact phone number for you. Please do not encourage your student to invite friends to spend the night with them in your homestay. If your student is persistent, please refer the matter to your EA Coordinator.

Conflict and Communication

We encourage Homestay students to work through issues with their homestay host directly. This is one of the important challenges and cultural learning opportunities presented by the homestay experience. If we can be of assistance please let us know and we are happy to help out. If a serious communication issues arises, please contact EA who will try to resolve the issue through mediation with both parties.


All families are required to supply students with two meals a day; Breakfast and Dinner. Lunches should also be provided to students on the weekends. In some cases this may change for a specific group, which Each host will be notified of prior to accepting a short-term student in to their home.


Host absences overnight or for longer periods

You must organize alternative arrangements for your Homestay student in your absence and obtain approval for these arrangements from EA.

Student absence overnight or for longer periods

Your student must obtain your approval as Host. You should know where your student will be staying, with whom and contact details. If your student is planning a trip away with friends EA must be notified.

Student illness

If your student develops a mild medical condition requiring medical attention, you may need to assist with transport to a medical appointment. If a serious condition arises, requiring medical treatment, it is expected that the EA and/or the schools representative will take primary responsibility in communicating with the student’s family and making hospital visits.

Cultural issues

As your student is living away from home in a foreign country, the student may need time to adjust to expectations in Vancouver concerning matters such as water, Internet or electricity use, communication styles and food. If a serious concern arises, EA should to be advised.

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