Customized learning to fit any need

Explore a place far from home and settle into a new way of life, expanding cultural awareness, civic engagement, language fluency and global identity.

Independent Programs

Gain a global education, immersing in another language, culture and subject of study in iconic destinations. Our programs combine exploration, workshops, lectures and other activities to increase student success on an international scale.

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Curriculum Abroad

We organize trips in partnership with educators to give students academic programs that integrate with their school curriculum and become part of the coursework. Travel any time of year on these instructor-led study tours.

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Expand academic excellence in a specific subject of study, while fully engaging in the culture and language of locals in another country.


Get an in-depth look at global commerce, interacting with local leaders in the industry and learning more about business strategy in customized lectures and workshops.


Travel abroad to discover invention in action, inviting students to create the world of tomorrow through innovative technologies and sustainable strategies.


Build confidence through immersive language studies, communicating with locals, engaging in cultural activities and the many learning opportunities along the way.

Global Citizenship

Gain a deeper understanding of the diverse societies and ecosystems around the world, getting involved in civic engagement through cooperative service learning.

Travel with Purpose

International travel sets students up to make a difference in the world – exploring a new place, learning awareness of different cultures and discovering new dreams for the future.

Holistic Approach

Education is a journey with a series of destinations. We encourage students to explore and develop a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures, economics and human rights of the world through service learning, guided tours and skill-building activities.

Team Projects

Build up to a final team project, where students apply knowledge gained on the trip, review observations and engage with new ideas. Students develop essential personal and professional skills in collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

World-Class Connections

Our connections with top U.S. universities and companies ensures that students have access to exceptional instruction, superior campus resources, expert guest speakers and exclusive on-site workshops.


We build relationships with caring host families, providing students with a home base that empowers them to practice the language and engage in the culture of the country they are visiting.

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Engaging in a world of learning through educational travel.

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