Inspire Undiscovered Talent

We find the people with the ability and aptitude, you provide the opportunity.

How to Get Involved

Host a Q&A

Present a day in your life and answer student questions.

Design a Branded Challenge

Design a challenge with our expert content creators and we’ll deploy it to thousands of students.

Customize an Externship

Create your own externship with our expert team, with as little as a 4 hour commitment.

Carol Suchit-Hudson

Chief Information Security Officer - The Long Term Stock Exchange

I must say we had the most delightful time interviewing the students you selected. Never have we encountered a slate of candidates with such a high caliber of talent. Please also extend my thanks to your team and your districts.

Assess Competency, Not Resumes

Our externships will put students into time constrained, pressure packed, team based challenges that will test their abilities and character not just their knowledge. Our performance measuring software allows you to test for their actual ability to learn, reason and think logically.

This empowers you to make insightful and assured decisions in your talent acquisition pipeline. Reducing turnover and lowering the amount of upskilling needed upon hire.

Data Driven Equity

We shouldn’t be relying on ivy league credentials and PDF resumes to make informed decisions for the future of our workforce. Our competency based assessments will arm you with the tools to benchmark what traits lead to short and long term success in your organization.

High Scale Experiential Learning

Make a difference in the lives of students who are normally passed over for selective internship opportunities by awarding them digital badges and recommendation letters based on effort and performance. Work based learning opportunities like these lead to a significant improvement in outcomes.

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