Program Overview

Immerse in the world of music and the arts on this 5-Day Performance Trip to Richmond, Virginia! Hosted by the VCUarts Department of Music, there are opportunities for Q&A sessions with professionals and musicians to learn more about this exciting career field. Along the way, students are introduced to Richmond’s historical trivia and see the cultural history at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Engaging with what they’ve learned, students perform for the local community in Richmond and at the main entrance to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. In celebration of their accomplishments, the theme park is open to them after their performance to enjoy the thrilling rides and attractions.


Destination Highlights

This five-day performance trip to Richmond, VA immerses students in the world of music and the arts. Learn performance skills in full-day workshops with the VCUarts Department of Music. This is an invaluable chance for students to improve their music skills. After the workshops, the VCUarts Department of Music performers answer student questions, offering them unique insights into this career field. To conclude their workshops, students get a chance to engage in service learning while performing for the local community.

As the capital of Virginia since 1780, sightseeing adventures in Richmond span history, arts and culture. Visit St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry gave his closing speech at the Second Virginia Convention, proclaiming famously “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Afterwards, visit the Virginia State Capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson. Explore the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see art that spans many cultures and 6,000 years of history. Remember the essential facts throughout this sightseeing tour and show off this knowledge in a Richmond trivia game.

In culmination of all they’ve learned on this performance trip, students perform their newly gained musical skills at the main entrance to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This truly empowers students to consider what performance looks like as a career field, performing for an audience that is comprised of the general public. As a reward for their commitment to their craft, students are released to enjoy the theme park. Explore the featured countries of Europe, ride the exciting roller coasters and pack in the fun before the journey home.

Daily Itinerary

Note: Activities are subject to change based on availability.

Learning Outcomes

This 5-Day Performance Trip is a perfect mix of hands-on workshops taught by industry professionals, historical trivia and performance opportunities. For two days of the program, students learn more about the musical art in workshops with the VCUarts Department of Music. An evening performance for the local community allows students to combine civic engagement with practicing what they’ve learned while in the workshops. On an exploration of Richmond, students pick up local historical knowledge through sightseeing, museum visits and a trivia night. On the last day, students showcase their performance skills at the entrance to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

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