Program Overview

Go on a pilgrimage to where the Moravian Church began starting with a journey to Prague. Over 100 years before Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation, Jan Hus inspired the Hussite movement out of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. See the Jan Hus Monument in the middle of Old Town Square, standing tall as a symbol of the first steps towards creating a tradition based on the teachings of the Bible over the teachings of the Roman Catholics and their hierarchical traditions. Visit Týn Church and go on a treasure hunt around Old Town Square to discover what history is hidden in the cracks of the buildings and sculptures. Explore the history of Prague Castle with a local guide to learn how King Wenceslaus IV supported the Hussite movement in the 14th century.

Continue the Moravian pilgrimage to where the church began to its renewal. After time in Prague, travel to Kunvald, where the Unity of Brethren organized their first church in 1457. Stand beneath the linden tree the Brethren planted near the first Moravian Church and share the sacrament of communion here. During the Thirty Years’ War non-Catholics hid in the Besedice Rocks, a labyrinth of sandstone rocks with sheltering caves. In 1722, the Moravian Church experienced a renewal due to the patronage of Count Zinzendorf. Moravian families stayed on the Zinzendorf estates and they built a church community nearby in Herrnhut. Church services were held in an assembly hall in Herrnhut, while sacraments and worship was in a Lutheran parish church in Berthelsdorf.

All along the way, see how the Moravian Church continues their mission and experience beautiful sights. While in Ústí nad Orlicí, learn about the local mission project of Daniel Dostrašil and the Jednota Bratrská. Following the Moravian values, they have established a sustainable mission through beekeeping. Discover the history of the Moravian star at the Herrnhut Star Manufactory, beautiful stars that became part of the Moravian Christmas tradition from Advent to Epiphany. Near the end of the tour, visit Dresden and explore Zwinger, a Baroque palace in the heart of the city with multiple galleries and extensive grounds. Before returning to Prague for the trip home, experience the impressive Church of Our Lady, which is known as a symbol of peace in Dresden.

Daily Itinerary

Note: Activities are subject to change based on availability.

Learning Outcomes

On this Moravian Heritage tour, travel through time to the Hussite movement, the origins of the Moravian Church and beyond. Learn about the Hussite movement in Prague on explorations in Old Town Square, from a historical treasure hunt to visiting the church where Jan Hus preached. Go to Prague Castle to explore history, including St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane and the Old Royal Palace. Discover where the Moravian church first organized as the Unity of Brethren in Kunvald and visit the Zinzendorf’s Manor House to see where the church was renewed. Experience Moravian churches, missions, a Moravian star factory and more amazing moments in history all along the way.

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