Share an inside look into your profession and showcase your business. When you partner with Experience Externships we help you create interactive workshops and presentations. Your brand joins our movement to help influence and inspire young people to excel in their lives.

Create a Workshop

We will work with you to create interactive challenges that showcase your brand while creating insights for recruitment and marketing.

Fund Scholarships

Sponsor educational experiences by donating branded scholarships or by contributing to our scholarship fund.


Our product managers will work with you to create presentations for students around the US.

Become an Official Sponsor

Empower your brand by providing programs for deserving youth with targeted initiatives ranging from branded externships or sponsored participation.

Next Steps

Get started by filling out a brief form with a few details about yourself and how you’d like to get involved. An Experience team member will connect with you to discover what we want to cultivate together.

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We’re excited for you to partner with us!