Special Travel Requirements

Share any special travel requirements, such as an alternate departure gateway request, disabilities of any travelers, dietary restrictions, allergies or other medical needs with a Travel Specialist or Experience staff member in advance of departure. Please let us know how we can best prepare for the needs of your group throughout the program.

Room Assignments

Once all travelers are registered, it is up to the group leader to make rooming assignments. Domestic student travelers are placed in triple or quad rooms. International programs outside of North America offer twin occupancy for travelers. Room upgrades can be made for an additional fee.

Generally, adult travelers and chaperones share a twin room with one other adult of the same gender, from the same group or partnering group.

Chaperone Meeting

After making room assignments, it’s a good idea to host a meeting for your chaperones and any accompanying adults on your tour. When hosting a chaperone meeting it’s helpful to go over the itinerary, rooming assignments and discuss what responsibilities come with the role of chaperone. This is also a great opportunity to clarify details and address any questions before departure.

Pre-departure parent meeting

We also suggest planning a parent meeting at least 30 days pre-departure to address any of their questions or concerns. This gives you time to go over the daily itinerary, emergency contacts, how parents can reach their students and relevant insurance information (if traveling outside the U.S).

Any Questions?

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