Promoting Your Trip

Promoting an educational tour is a team effort! Discover different ways to get students, parents and community members involved.

Engagement is key!

Create opportunities for people to participate and build a strong community of educated, global citizens.

  • Classroom announcements and integrating the program into the curriculum is a proven way to successfully promote to students.
  • Email students, parents, family and community members with program updates.
  • Informational meetings with parents, students and the community creates an opportunity to go over the program, answer questions and spread the excitement.
  • Post social media updates often: before, during and after the trip. Daily photos and live videos keep things fresh.
  • Update everyone who helped promote the trip before, during and afterwards. Why? This is a way of saying thank you to everyone who supported the program and paves the way for future travel opportunities. Maybe even next year!

Host an Informational Meeting

Bring everyone together and get people excited about the trip!

Helpful visual tools:

PowerPoint: Prepare a fun, multimedia presentation filled with images and important details about the trip. PowerPoint allows you to convey all the essential information and engages your audience from start to finish.

Flyers & Posters: Turn advertising into a class project! Have students create posters and flyers that display the date, time and location of the informational meeting, as well as basic information about the trip location and services included to help spread the word.

Invitations: We provide multiple invite materials to send home with students and help increase attendance at informational meetings. Remember to include the date, time and location of the meeting, or consider including a copy of the flyer.

Emails: Use our email sign-up sheet to keep parents, chaperones, travelers and community members in the loop with any upcoming meetings, deadlines and other trip updates.

Social Media: Use our graphics to share on social media about upcoming meetings and deadlines.

Engaging with Social Media

Social media is a powerful networking tool for connecting students, parents and community members.

Allow everyone involved to engage in the experience! Before the educational tour, create a Facebook group for the trip.

  • Use the group to provide travel information, share packing lists, allow travelers to connect and more!
  • Share photos and videos of students at landmarks or in experiential learning activities.
  • Post daily updates so family and friends can go on the adventure along with the students.

Afterwards, showcase all the adventures and educational opportunities with the connections who were involved in promoting the trip. Maybe even start planning next year’s program.

Resources We Provide

We supply all the materials you need to promote a trip!

  • Flyers
  • Program brochures
  • Parent letter
  • PowerPoint for an Informational Meeting
  • Custom registration landing page
  • Support/Additional needs

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