Program Overview

In our innovative cybersecurity externship, we take a holistic approach to preparing you for success as a cyber professional. You’ll get firsthand experience and insight into the world of cybersecurity, one of the most high-demand careers in the country. From fundamentals to real-world scenarios of cyber threats, you’ll be guided by industry professionals in a program packed with interactive workshops and guest speakers. Then team up with your classmates to to defend against cyber threats, allowing you to:
• Explore the range of career paths in cybersecurity, computer science and engineering.
• Get on the cybersecurity fast track by establishing a foundation of knowledge such as the importance of data protection, incident response and digital analysis.
• Build in-demand employability skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, confidence and collaboration.
• Earn digital badges at the completion of each daily scenario and a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program

Meet Your Cybersecurity Experts

Chris Knox

Chris Knox

Manager, Security Awareness and Analysis, CPS Energy
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Tom Katsampes

Tom Katsampes

Senior Security Engineer, Delta Air Lines
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Dr. Davina Pruitt-Mentle

Dr. Davina Pruitt-Mentle

Lead for Academic Engagement for the National Initiative for cybersecurity Education (NICE), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
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Tom Ervin

Tom Ervin

Computer Scientist, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
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Shawn Saltsman

Shawn Saltsman

U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Retired / MSIT cybersecurity Student, University of Texas
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Keith Rountree

Keith Rountree

Senior Technical Recruiter, Facebook
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Pierre Gutiérrez

Pierre Gutiérrez

Owner, Star State Consulting
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Cybersecurity Scenario Project

Cybersecurity Team Challenges:

Become a member of an Elite Cybersecurity Task Force charged with investigating major cyber crimes. Through real-world scenarios, you’ll be tasked with protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure. Take on a new challenge each day with your team as you learn the skills you need to keep our data safe. Whether preventing cyber attacks from occurring or rectifying a cyber attack that has already happened, you’ll understand what it’s like to work as a cybersecurity professional.

  • White Hat Hacking Scenario
  • Private Company Attack Prevention Challenge
  • Cyber Threat Case Studies
  • System Hardening Training
  • Final System Hardening Competition

Cybersecurity Pathways

One of the fastest growing job sectors in the U.S. is cybersecurity. According to multiple media outlets, a projected 3.5 million vacancies are expected in 2021, which is 350 percent growth since 2013. Opportunities within the field of cybersecurity are endless. All the industry needs is skilled talent. To meet the ever-evolving demands, companies are hiring students to fill these vacancies as more cybersecurity threats are recognized every day. Providing cybersecurity pathways at an earlier age is imperative for the industry, as it will enable you to achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Pre-Externship Parent Webinar

Thursday March 11th 5:00pm - 6:00pm MST Saturday March 13th 11:00am - 12:00pm MST

Parents are invited to attend scheduled webinars to learn about how to help their child succeed during the externship as well as prepare for long-term success in the cybersecurity industry. We provide all the tools needed to help parents play a role in their child’s success, including:

  • Reviewing important resources designed to help parents
  • Discussing how to support students during and after class
  • Providing expert insight about the cybersecurity industry

Daily Itinerary

Day 1

Introduction and Critical Infrastructure

Kickstart your journey into the world of cybersecurity by getting a quick program overview. Learn what it takes to protect critical U.S. and what it takes to defend it.

Day 2

Team Cyber Challenge

In this scenario-based hacking challenge, you’ll have a limited amount of time to search through a U.S. official’s computer to find sensitive information leaks.

Day 3

Private Companies

Learn how businesses safeguard their interests against foreign and domestic threats which affect their ability to survive.

Day 4

Financial Crimes

Get a firsthand look into the mind of a cyber criminal and understand the different methods they use to infiltrate computer systems. Learn how to defend yourself against these types of attacks.

Day 5

Team Cyber Challenge

Learn what kinds of decisions companies make while trying to protect their data from hackers in an interactive video challenge.

Day 6

National Security Threats

Keep our nation safe by uncovering cyber threats around the world which affect our nation and everyday life. Understand the balance between privacy and security.

Day 7

Team Cyber Challenge

Conduct a real-life cyber case study with your team. Learn about a type of cyber threat and then discuss what could have been done to mitigate the damage or stop the hack.

Day 8

Team Cyber Challenge

Practice the different ways you can harden a system to defend yourself from potential attacks. This will prepare you for the final competition!

Day 9

Next Steps in Cyber

Discover all the ways you can continue to stay involved and progress down the cybersecurity pathway with help from an industry presenter.

Day 10

System Hardening Challenge

Use everything you’ve learned to fully secure a compromised system with your team. Every setting you change to make the system safer gets you points, and the team that finishes with the most secure system will come out on top.

Online Course Requirements

Online Course Requirements

  • Any compatible computer
  • Webcam
  • Stable internet connection

Your Tuition Includes

  • Industry professional guest speakers and workshops
  • Direct instruction daily
  • Five days of combined work based learning
  • Parent Pre-Externship Introductory Webinar
  • Digital badges and certificate of completion
  • Service and support from Experience before, during and after the program

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