San Francisco (UESF) Teacher Development Conference

Experience America is proud to be the only student travel organization to take part in the United Educators for San Francisco (UESF) Teacher Development Conference held on April 6, 2019.

Experience America’s co-founder, Olen Anderson, and UESF Representative Van Cedric Williams, collaborated to provide conference attendees the opportunity to participate in workshops showcasing the impact experiential learning has on students’ lives, and how to encourage more educators to bring these types of learning opportunities to their schools.



Underlying Problems Facing Teachers
• How can educators faced with limited resources create learning opportunities that combine with classroom learning to inspire student learning and growth?
• How can educators take the next step to create impactful experiential learning opportunities while also ensuring student safety and security?
• How can schools prepare students with learning that engages and challenges students on an individual level?


Experiential Learning Workshop Description:
Experiential learning is a proven method for enhancing student engagement and skills development. Providing a bridge between theory and practice, experiential learning helps students to hone important critical thinking and problem solving skills as they learn by doing. Experience America is an international education provider that has spearheaded the application of experiential learning for study tours and summer programs for secondary school students. In this presentation, Experience America’s co-founder, Olen Anderson, uses examples from the company’s student STEAM programs in Los Angeles at the USC campus and in Seattle at the UW campus in partnership with Microsoft and Boeing to demonstrate how experiential learning can be successfully implemented across a variety of subjects and learning contexts to promote student learning and engagement.


Group Project Workshop
In keeping with the experiential learning approach, attending educators were organized into teams for a project-based activity. With guidance from Experience America team members, teachers learned to conceptualize and formulate an experiential learning experience, leaving the session with a concept outline and sample lesson plan to implement in their classrooms.

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