Experience Cybersecurity Externship

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the nation. According to a recent study, the U.S. Cybersecurity workforce needs to grow by 62% in order to meet the current demand. Yet less than half of schools in the country offer any education on the subject

Challenges for Educators

  • A need for more programs with engaging content
  • More interactive and gamified activities
  • A higher level of parent and community engagement
  • More industry involvement
  • Inequitable access to internships
  • Steep implementation time and high burden costs
Experience Externships

Career Readiness Rediscovered

Experience Externships connects students to industry through a fully managed and holistic approach to Career Pathway Exploration.

Students can:

Solve real world problems set by industry (with 87% saying they learned technical skills that will help them in their future career)

Collaborate and discover the career together with their peers through project based learning (74% saying this externship helped build friendships with other students interested in Cybersecurity and 87% saying this helped enhance collaboration and teamwork skills)

Stay engaged through gamified and interactive content (84% respondents said the daily itinerary helped them learn the material in a fun and engaging way)

Network with industry professionals and see which role fits them best! (87% said this externship helped them network with potential future employers)

Educators gain peace of mind knowing:

Externships are equitable, accessible and fair to all (Our 5 day virtual Externship is 20 cents on the dollar compared to our 5 day overnight program delivering an equally high value)

They promote cross cultural learning not possible inside a classroom (quote from Sofia, ND “ I got to meet people from all around the country as well as Mexico which I would never get to experience in school”

The breadth of knowledge deepens with access to a range of industry experts (97% said this experience helped them learn about new career fields related to their interests and that they now have a better understanding of how to reach their career goals)

They have a turnkey solution saving time and removing burden

With 97% of respondents stating this Externship made them more interested in Cybersecurity as a career and the demographic results below this Externship has made great strides towards right sizing the talent and diversity pipeline gaps faced by the industry.







Hispanic or Latino


White or Caucasian


Asian or Asian American


Black or African American