Virtual Tour of Alaska

Hello families and educators,

We are thinking of you! Here is a warm thank you to our community of parents and educators who are continuing to cultivate learning from home. As a gift from us to you, please accept our continued appreciation in the form of virtual tours around the world. 

Let’s set out on our second virtual adventure together to discover the wonders of Alaska!

Watch this short video on the Alaska Native Heritage Center to listen to their traditional music, see the cultural artifacts, explore the dwellings and imagine dancing along with Alaska’s Indigenous People to the beat of the drum. 

Go on a virtual kayak tour to view the clear skies and calm waters of Byers Lake in Denali State Park. 

Engage in at-home learning experiences through the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Explore free curriculum on wood bison and grizzly bears that encourages students to ask questions that lead them to deepen their understanding of the Alaskan landscape and diversity of wildlife in the world.

Get a glimpse into space and earth science with this STEM video, guided by the innovative experts at the Challenger Learning Center of Alaska (CLCA). 

Experience virtual tours and in-depth educational videos of Kenai Fjords National Park. Journey into the beautiful landscape of Alaska to discover the wonders of the glaciers, local wildlife, geology and so much more!

Virtual field trips are an excellent opportunity to explore the world around us and expand our imaginations. We hope you enjoy these resources and encourage you to share them with your students and your community.

Looking forward to our next adventure!

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