Virtual Tour of Florida

Hello families and educators, 

We are thrilled to take you on a journey of discovery through Florida this week!

Experience STEAM lessons from the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) with their virtual field trips. Watch educational videos on exciting experiments with colorful flames, learn about trace evidence in forensic science and take a chemistry class with a lab demonstration on compounds and mixtures. 

Become a virtual junior ranger! Engage in interactive digital resources, including adventures throughout Florida’s State Parks by live webcam and watch the majestic manatees swimming in their natural environment. 

Launch into space without leaving home! Kennedy Space Center sends explorers like you on engaging journeys of discovery with hands-on STEM activities and other free online learning resources, where educators are available to answer questions from curious minds. 

View modern and contemporary international art exhibits at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). Explore their digital museum, where there are virtual tours, art talks, activities for students and other educational resources.

Step into the streets of Miami! For the colorful Arts District experience, Wynwood Miami has started #WynAtHome on their social media channels with videos and photos of this dynamic destination. 

Keep dreaming and learning from home. Our next adventure is just around the corner.

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