Virtual Tour of New York City

Hello families and educators,

Our gift to you this week is interactive learning in New York City, a place where dreams are made, from inspirational immigrant stories on Ellis Island to breathtaking performances on Broadway. 

We invite you to join us on these unforgettable experiences of New York City!

Stroll around Ellis Island National Monument in this interactive online experience, beginning in front of the Main Immigration Building that opened in 1900. Click on the icons to see historic photos, step inside the rooms and view more sites on the map. Immigrants came through Ellis Island for more than 60 years, seeking the freedoms promised in the U.S.

Experience the hit musicals of Broadway by watching livestreamed performances from Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is only available for a limited time. See spectacular epics portrayed by world-famous stage performers, including “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Visit the Tenement Museum through virtual experiences, from historic articles and digital exhibits to featured podcasts and panel discussion videos. Discover what life was like for residents in the tenement buildings in the Lower East Side and explore stories that still shape American identity today. 

The Lincoln Center delivers impressive at home performing arts workshops and performances, including live videos, concerts, dance lessons, performances and more! Watch their livestream events or explore what they shared in previous weeks to learn from home.  

Gain a deeper understanding of the National 9/11 Memorial through interactive explorations of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, reflecting on memories, the collections of artifacts and inspirational stories of commemoration.

Go on an absolutely beautiful virtual tour of Central Park with an audio guide who shares a background on landmarks along the way. See horse-drawn carriages, an oasis of greenery around the lake, a gorgeous sculpture of an angel blessing the waters of Bethesda Fountain and wander off the paved path to enjoy the oak trees.

Sending you virtual tours every week is one of our favorite things during this stay-at-home season. We encourage you to continue sharing these with teachers and students who would like a more interactive approach to learning from home.

Until next time!

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