Virtual Tour of Washington DC

Hello families and educators,

You impress us! We see you working from home, preparing lesson plans for your students and going above and beyond to take on these unprecedented times. While your students are home, we want to send some educational escapes your way. 

Let’s start out with our first stop on this learning journey, Washington DC. 

Go on a Smithsonian virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History. Visit the first floor to walk through the dinosaur exhibits in the Hall of Fossils and explore the FossiLab. On the second floor, discover how plants and animals are Partners in Evolution. Learn how human cultures have been influenced by nature and transform natural resources into creative objects in Objects of Wonder. Follow the links to see past and present exhibits throughout the museum.

Spend time in the online exhibits of the National Archives. Read the Charters of Freedom: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. See these documents in the original handwriting and consider how they built the framework for the rights of the American people. Take a journey through the Records of Rights, where museum exhibits illustrate how the understanding of equal rights and how that is applied has changed since the U.S. was founded.

Take a virtual tour of the capitol buildings, exploring the architectural history of the U.S. Capitol Building, Supreme Court, Library of Congress and other nearby landmarks. 

Journey to nearby Mount Vernon for an interactive virtual tour of the preserved estate of President George Washington. Step into the family Mansion for a unique and close view of the treasures within each room. Continue walking through all the outbuildings, linger in the gardens, explore the gristmill and see the rare books in the Library.

There are so many great experiences to learn about the foundations of America in Washington DC. We hope this is a resource you can share with your students.

Until next time, the whole Experience team is still thinking of you and planning amazing adventures for when we’re all ready to go out again!

See you soon!

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