Virtual Tour Our National Parks

Hello families, educators and explorers,

As we continue to strive to stay connected while maintaining distance, we celebrate the educators, students, and families who work tirelessly to make life as normal as possible. Here at Experience it is our mission to provide transformative travel experiences. Though these adventures are currently being shared virtually, we hope these iconic and renowned destinations keep you motivated and inspired.  

Let’s set out on another Experience virtual adventure together to explore the natural wonders of a few of the iconic US National Parks!

Explore the beautiful warm red and orange colors of Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah.  This interactive virtual tour highlights the famous desert landscape of Sunset Point.  Certified as an International Dark Sky Park, enjoy a star-filled night sky.  Get up close and personal to unique rock formations and even explore a canyon on horseback. 

Take in the breathtaking views via Google Earth virtual tour of the Grand Canyon.  Experience all of the park’s top sites.  Hike the rugged Bright Angel Trailhead, cross the Colorado River using the Kaibab Suspension Bridge, appreciate the grandeur of the canyons with the panoramic view from Hopi Point and so much more.

It’s easy to see why Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most popular parks in the nation.  The Zion National Park Angels Landing eHike allows you to explore this magnificent trail carved out of solid rock.  Starting off at Grotto drop off point journey down this 2.5 mile trail with steep switchbacks, towering cliffs, dizzying drop-offs, surrounded by a picturesque sculpted canyon. 

On the border of Arizona and Utah, in the red-sand desert region, discover Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley Park.  Some of the most recognizable rock formations in the world can be found here.  Enjoy this informative video journey into the valley with a Navajo tour guide.  The fully narrated tour introduces you to the Navajo culture and immerses you in the majestic landscape.      

Virtual field trips are an excellent opportunity to explore the world around us and expand our imaginations. 

Looking forward to our next adventure!

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